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Effective Job Interviewing
Effective job interviewing is key to getting the job you want.
A job interview is similar in many ways to a social conversation, but it requires more than just conversational skills. How well you do in a job interview will depend on how well you can elaborate on your accomplishments and qualifications as they relate to what the employer wants and needs. Let’s consider next what employers are looking for in a job interview and what your main objective should be…
What employers look for?
  • Qualifications
  • Positive attitude
  • Interest in the company and position
  • Stable work history
  • Clear sense of purpose
  • Communication skills
  • High performance standards
What you should look for?
A job offer. This is your number one goal, and it cannot be stressed enough. You are not interviewing to evaluate the company or broaden your knowledge of available opportunities. You are interviewing to see if you are good enough to get a job offer. An undecided or tentative attitude has no place in a job interview. Leaving an employer with the impression that you are just shopping around is a fatal mistake.