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FMCG & Retail
22 Mar 2018
Job Opportunity : SEA – Regional SHE Manager(300K)
SEA – Regional SHE Manager(300K)
Our Client
One of the world’s largest international companies in agriculture and food processing business

Responsibilities :

Develop and Implement BU EHS Strategy

  •  Assesses EHS risks and opportunities for the business and the potential impacts on key stakeholders(customer, community, interest groups, employees), priorities and on business strategy
  •  Contributes to the development of corporate EHS strategy and tactics to manage risk and generate value. Leads the development of the business EHS strategy and its execution to manage EHS risk and generate business value.
  •  Uses broad and deep knowledge of EHS matters, business objectives and country stakeholders, to assure that strategy and tactics can achieve compliance with legal requirements, position the businesses in the countries for cost-effective compliance with anticipated regulation, address expectations of key stakeholders and support innovation that can generate business value.
  •  Leads efforts to achieve internal approval, support and understanding of the business EHS strategy.
  •  Leads development of programs and processes to execute corporate and business EHS strategy in a manner appropriate to the technology, scope and maturity of the business.
  •  Leads the execution of enterprise/poultry group EHS programs and processes.
  •  Networks with internal and external organizations to identify best practices of others that can be applied effectively to help in support of EHS strategy implementation.
  •  Collaborates with internal partners to execute elements of the EHS strategy in processes, programs and work of others, as appropriate to enable EHS and support partner goals (e.g. Performance Management Process, Project Delivery Process, Process Safety Management and Reliability Excellence Improvement).
  •  In an event of a Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures, and Joint Ventures, participates actively in the due diligence assessing the EHS risk and building the integration plan to close the gaps.

Continuously Improve EHS Results

  •  Identifies meaningful business/industry specific measures and enterprise measures to be tracked for the business.
  •  Implements systems to ensure performance metrics are accurately measured and reported in accordance with corporate and business EHS standards
  •  Provides strategic oversight to EHS audit, inspection and risk assessment processes. Adopts auditing standards and expands as appropriate for the business.
  •  Reviews and analyzes audit results to confirm that the corporate, business and government standards for EHS are met.
  •  Identifies trends, isolates root causes and confirms that appropriate follow-up actions are being implemented across the business.
  •  Directly reports EHS performance results and advises on corresponding action to Regional Leadership Team (RLT). Through existing systems, reports EHS performance results and corresponding actions to the Corporate EHS team.
  •  Monitors and anticipates change in the external environment, including regulations, science and stakeholder positioning and revises strategy as appropriate.

Shapes Internal EHS Culture

  •  Builds effective working relationships with key leaders in the business and across Company to obtain and sustain a strong EHS culture.
  •  Leads development of internal communications strategy for key and differentiated audiences that builds and maintains awareness of EHS values, strategies and performance. Shares best practices and key learning, develops talent and recognizes high performance across the business.
  •  Influences leaders across the business to promote proactive workplace EHS practices. Provides broad and in-depth technical, regulatory, behavioral and strategic knowledge and consultation that leaders require to build a strong EHS culture.
  •  Collaborates with internal experts to share best practices, identifies leading approaches on EHS topics and facilitates a culture of continuous improvement.
  •  Develops, directs and oversees implementation of recognition programs to acknowledge positive behavior and celebrates and communicates EHS related successes in the business.

People and Resource Management

  •  Leads efforts across the BU to ensure that EHS talent is in place to address immediate and medium-term needs of the business.
  •  Develops a plan to address gaps in business EHS talent and knowledge to prepare the business for future growth. Particularly develops EHS leads for new Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures, and Joint Ventures in existing or new geographies in South East Asia as needed.
  •  Identifies development opportunities for current employees to strengthen EHS expertise that matches the medium-term needs to of the organization.
  •  Participates in the recruitment and selection of EHS talent for locations within the business.
  •  Provides strategic and tactical functional leadership and coaching across the business.
  •  Is a resource for the business Regional Leadership Team in developing job relevant EHS goals for their leadership teams across the business.

Manages EHS Brand

  •  Plays a key leadership role in external EHS professional and relevant industry organizations

- Shares best practice and represents and is an ambassador for company and the business.
- Collaborates with external stakeholders to set new industry standards through the development of leading EHS practices.

  •  Leads engagement on EHS topics with external stakeholders in relevant industries. Guides RLT on specific customer and community concerns related to EHS topics across the business.
  •  Equips the RLT with the information and tools they need to accurately represent company on EHS topics
  •  Consults with internal sales teams and external organizations to stay informed on EHS matters facing customers and communities. Provides leadership in the business to meet/exceed the expectations of communities, customers and NGO’s.


  •  Degree in Safety and / or Engineering Master's Degree or overseas education would be a plus & Jor Por Holder
  •  Experience in managing Safety Health & Environmental issues within "Hig Risks" Manufacturing industry (Oil & Gas / Petrochemical / Chemical / or other High Risks manufacturing environment), especially with developing & implementing EHS Strategies to improve overall manufacturing operation performance
  •  Experience in construction safety, implementation and understanding challenges of managing EHS management systems, risk based programs, legal requirements and international certifications (e.g. ISO 14001, OEHSAS 18001 etc.)
  •  Must have previous experience as REGIONAL EHS Manager, leading EHS activites in Thailand and South East Asian countries
  •  Prefer previous experience from either Oil & Gas / Petrochemical / Chemical / or other High Risks manufacturing environment
  •  Experienced Incident Investigator and EHS Auditor and familiar with Hazop/Swift and PSRM requirements.
  •  Understanding the dynamic diversity of culture, customs and expectations in South East Asia.
  •  Strong knowledge in the area of Occupational Safety and Health rules and regulations, including OSHA.
  •  Demonstrated understanding of EHS programs, such as; confined space, lockout tagout, elevated work/fall protection, and/or other programs (ergonomics, mobile equipment, exposure monitoring, behavior based safety, etc.)
  •  Team leadership skills and Good communication skills in English
  •  Able to travel within Thailand, Indonesia & Philippines