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Manufacturing & Engineeering
31 Mar 2022
Job Opportunity: Industrial Engineer
Industrial Engineer
Bangkok, Thailand

Job Scope:

  • Production planning, usage control, maintenance of machinery, tools and production equipment. used in textile factories to be in a ready-to-use condition with efficiency and safety
  • Make sure the product matches the prototype
  • Adjust the operation of the machine to balance the production amount
  • Control the full-time employees to perform their work according to the work plan. Supervise and assess employees under their command to work efficiently and in accordance with the policies and procedures of the factory
  • Calculation, design, installation of tools machinery and equipment used in the factory
  • Organize production systems and devise strategies and strategies to drive production processes to achieve targeted production capacity
  • Study, research and development Introduce the characteristics of technology used in the production process and calculating the amount of material used in production