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Manufacturing & Engineeering
31 Mar 2022
Job Opportunity: Production Planning Control Manager
Production Planning Control Manager
Bangkok, Thailand

Job Scope:

  • Discuss with the supervisor production order status report Current production situation and future production capacity including suggesting ways to maximize efficiency
  • Follow up production control check the output By checking the actual production (Shopfloor) and the master plan (Masterplan) in case of problems in production, immediately report to the production manager.
  • Planning to manage production for maximum efficiency and reduce costs
  • Raw material management plan without causing damage to storage
  • Production planning and production order planning including coordinating with other departments to complete the production as scheduled
  • Responsible for controlling direct and indirect labor costs (DL/IDL) related to planning and production, including control of overtime, time off and consumables.
  • Coordinate with other relevant departments to improve and increase efficiency and Efficiency