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18 Sep 2020
Job Opportunity :Sr. Manager – Business Continuity Management (120K)
Sr. Manager – Business Continuity Management (120K)
Our Client
International Life Insurance
Report to
An Expatriate Chief Risk Officer

Responsibilities :

  • Develop and review a Business Continuity Plan and Policy to align with the principal component analysis A programme and relate to current business’s organization.
  • Embed business continuity using a collaborative approach between related management disciplines to improve overall organizational resilience.
  • Review and assess the organization to identify its objective, how it functions and the constraints of its operating environment (Defined BIA).
  • Identify and select appropriate solutions to determine how continuity can be achieved in the event of an incident.
  • Identify and document the priorities, procedures, responsibilities and resource that will support the organization when managing an incident.
  • Conduct risk assessment, monitor incidents, provide support to resolve and improve measures to mitigate the risk, and conduct post incident review.
  • Provide training and build up awareness programe which are to be utilized as appropriate to inform staff, contractors and visitors of incident management and business recovery
  • Organize annual exercise to ensure the business continuity solutions and response structure reflects the size, complexity and type of the organization and the plan is current, accurate, effective and complete

Qualifications :

  • Demonstrable experience of delivering complex, enterprise wide changing program is essential, particularly through the leadership of an enterprise wide program office.
  • Experiences in engaging with and influencing senior stakeholders including board of directors.
  • Results driven, strong leadership leader with the ability to motivate teams and build engagement
  • Excellent command of English