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Sale, Customer Service and Business Development
21 Mar 2018
Job Opportunity : Commercial Director (400K)
Commercial Director (400K)
Our Client
One of the world’s largest international companies in agriculture and food processing business

Responsibilities :


  •  Defines and establishes the customer-centric value proposition for a diversified/stable portfolio of products/services and customers by applying market and industry knowledge as well as commercial/business acumen. Uses expert knowledge of supply & demand economics, market segmentation, and business capabilities to determine where profit opportunities exist and can be capitalized upon.
  •  Leads and supports the design development and execution of strategic and tactical delivery solutions that sustain the growth of the diversified/stable portfolio of products/services while reflecting trends and needs of customers and consumers. Utilizes data and information to support operational forecasting and strategic decision making and innovation. Analyzes this information to assess organizational success, competitive performance, and progress relative to strategic objectives and action plans.
  •  Leads and champions the development of the value-added, customer-centric innovate solutions and strategic plans aimed at exploring customer’s competitive intelligence, unforeseen needs, and immediate requirements. Directly involved in all aspects of developing and overseeing execution of business strategy planning processes.
  •  Makes decisions or influences those directly or indirectly involved on capacity planning; market targeting and selling strategies; as well as defines competitive pricing strategy and feasibility scenarios requiring moderate leverage over capital and resources across fewer functional areas. Determines investment on capital projects (i.e. by systematically maximizing and growing customer base, merger and acquisitions, joint ventures, etc.) and coordinates strategic demand planning and operational resources allocation.
  •  Leads the product portfolio innovation pipeline and realization by coordinating and driving the creation of new products with close partnership with the technology job family; and in close collaboration across BU/Platform to ensure alignment of project priorities. Integrates new technology from within company and/or outside resources to aggregate value to the customer-focused portfolio.
  •  Optimizes and prioritizes the strategic direction needed to achieve overall portfolio operating and profit margins goals. This typically includes formulating strategic long-term outlook objectives and leveraging solution ideation streams and strategic alignment across multiple customer and product/services interfacing functional areas, spanning from technology development, supply chain management, operational capacity and demand planning as well as marketing and sales strategic alignment.
  •  Directly influences and supports BU strategies by aligning activities of an organization spanning across one or more countries, or multiple regions in a large country with the overall BU strategy. May contribute to development of the overall BU strategy, and may assume roles as part of a BU Leadership Team.
  •  Drive change and innovation through continually seeking and implementing innovative solutions for customers.


  •  Build and maintain good relationship with existing customers and expand customer base. Manage existing customers and strengthen relationship with them while exploring opportunities for growth.
  •  Manage customers portfolio, strengthen relationships to maintain existing customers and actively explore sales channel opportunities to expand customer base
  •  Develop and leverage industry knowledge and competitive intelligence to drive a company competitive advantage.


  •  Lead/Champion innovative or performance enhancement sales projects.
  •  New product development & Product improvement : Manage coordination with other functions in managing customers' requirements to develop new products and to improve product quality and processes.
  •  Actively participate in developing and executing customer specific and regional geographic strategic growth plans


  •  Develop sales and marketing talent capable of developing and executing successful industry leading sales and marketing plans.
  •  Identify and develop talent capable of taking leadership positions across multiple functional areas of company.
  •  Develop self and others in poultry industry and company business wide including key drivers of operations, supply chain, agriculture, HR, and finance. Demonstrate the ability to connect these other areas to the sales efforts AND transfer this knowledge to their direct reports and others in the organization.


  •  15 years in export Sales & Marketing, business development, preferred Food industry.
  •  7+ years in leadership role with global or multinational organizations
  •  Strategic thinking/ Business acumen
  •  Relationship management
  •  Negotiation skills for future trading
  •  Decision making and problem solving skills
  •  Analytical skills
  •  Leadership skills
  •  Global market knowledge
  •  Food processing knowledge
  •  Product knowledge
  •  Food safety laws and regulation
  •  Financial Analysis, P&L management (eg. Exchange)
  •  Demonstrated Sales, Sales Management and Sales Coaching Skills