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Manufacturing & Engineeering
06 Dec 2017
Job Opportunity : Assistant Industrial Engineer Manager (80K)
Assistant Industrial Engineer Manager (80K)
Our Client
Leading of multinational automotive parts manufacturer

Responsibilities :

Manage/Facilitate the optimization of operation within the scope of tire manufacturing activities;

1. Initiate ideas for the optimization and solutions to current issues regarding to tire production and supply in Asia Pacific and lead through the realization of the plan in collaboration with other functions.

2. Plan/Lead the enhancement on the productivity of tire manufacturing and production model

  • Promote the activities for improving and maintaining operational efficiency of processes marked below the standard (Enhance operational efficiency)
  •  Calculate the ideal cost and promote the cost kaizen activity to all plants
  •  Facilitate the optimization of production system from both hard and soft aspects (Adjust to the "Model of Standard" of company)
  •  Facilitate the efficient process of the production optimization by standardization and information sharing (Enhance management efficiency & speed)

3. Plan/Manage the overall direction of tire production technology and production departments.
4. Support IE section manager with planning employee training, assessing individual performance levels of IE staffs in Asia Pacific region. (Support for IE section manager)


  •  Male or Female, at least 7 years of working experience in IE field
  •  Knowledge of accounting in Asia Pacific country is preferable
  •  High proficiency in English (TOEIC score: over 700)
  •  Experience in the following fields: production efficiency / capacity enhancement, process control or production management (inventory control/scheduling)
  •  Experience in the following fields: control plant cost, budget, project and investment
  •  Capabilities to use simulation software, Lean System is preferable
  •  Be able for travelling abroad as business trip