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Manufacturing & Engineeering
21 Mar 2017
Job Opportunity : Operations Manager (90K - 140K)
Operations Manager
Our Client
One Of Leading Engineering Company
Report to
Site Leader


1.  Functional                                                             

  • Analyze various production statistical data and provide necessary recommendation to Operation Director in order to    achieve the operation requirements in terms of quality, budgeting and turnaround time.
  • Monitor and control direct subordinate in compliance with company safety rules and take corrective action as necessary.
  • Coordinate and follow up all customer complaints and corrective action requested with Customer Service Department
  • Control and monitor the usage of consumed stock items on monthly basis.  Review and recommend re-ordering point of raw material to ensure the adequate materials for the continuity of operations.

2.  Meeting                                                                  

  • Participate on weekly and daily meeting to plan, prioritize operational and update existing operational work issues as follow:
    • Weekly meeting with Support Manager and Purchasing Manager and daily meeting with Support Manager and  Operation Director to update work status, purchasing status, and follow up existing work operational issues.
    • Quarterly meeting with all directors and manager chaired by managing director to update business growth and general work related issues.
    • Quarterly (employee committee) meeting chaired by managing director to take appropriate action on any major issues which lead to any misunderstanding between the management and staffs.
    • Get together meeting chaired by operation director to discuss and provide guidelines to team leaders and cell leaders on their performance, quality issues and major operational issues.
  • Conduct weekly and monthly meeting to plan, prioritize operational and update existing work related issues as follow;
    • Weekly meeting with team leader to follow up, to monitor work progress and resolve bottleneck areas.
    • Monthly meeting with team leaders and cell leaders to discuss major work issues and new technical.
    • Ad hoc meeting with all operational staffs to update major general issues and company policy.

3.  Planning                                                                

  • Plan and implement annual business plan for operation department against long term operation division objectives and goals, e.g., annual budgeting plan, manpower plan, tooling and equipment plan.      

4.  Consultation/Coordination                                    

  • Coordinate and provide operation information to Customer Service Department for further update with appropriate customers.

5.  Auditing                                                                  

  • Full responsible to answer and provide supporting information or document of their business unit to all internal and external auditors as required for approval with Aviation Authority’s regulation, customers’ requirement and company procedures.

6.  Technical Document                                             

  • Updated company technical documents in writing of new working procedures or technical knowledge and propose for approval to direct supervisor in order to agree upon new procedures or knowledge and be documented afterward.

7.  Human Resource Management                                                           

  • Responsible for human resource system within operation department e.g., annual performance evaluation, staff promotion, overtime approval, training and development plan, vacation approval, candidate interview in order to enhance and support company human resource policy and plan.

8.  Supervision                                                            

  • Supervise and provide guidelines on overall daily operation of Operation Department to ensure that works are performed according to the daily plan, within budget and complied with company all company standard requirements.

9.  Report                                                                      

  • Summarize operation data and perform necessary business analysis to operation and support directors in terms of business report i.e. monthly operation status report, forecast weekly report and improvement program report in order to monitor operation progress.
  • Verify all purchase requisition forms and approves of all work orders (repair and maintenance) and trainees request prepared by subordinates.


  • Minimum 10 years of working experience in manufacturing with 5 years at managerial level
  • Good command of English (speaking, reading and writing)
  • Computer literate
  • Planning
  • Problem solving
  • Negotiation
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Interpersonal
  • Business understanding in Standard Procedure Manual (SPM), Quality Manual (QM) and Process Description (PD)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Science or Engineering.